The entire purpose behind the Social Kitchen & Bar is to extend to food the same approach we take to books: namely, that anyone should be able to find something of interest; that all are treated equally and that there is the same care and attention to detail to the customer and the experience, whatever the budget.

Of paramount importance is the quality of what we produce. This is our intent: all should find our menu accessible, all should feel the same level of comfort and some, for the very first time, may imagine themselves in some louche, benign salon where the conversation sparkles alongside the food. We present to your imagination and we give you conversation.

Food is one of the great comforts of our lives in much the same way that reading and the feel and touch of books permits the mind to traverse continents. We are all entitled to dream. This is where dreams are encouraged.

We are conscious of our Muslim and Jewish customers. The slicer that carves salami or prosciutto is not the one that slices bresaola or carpaccio. We hope that the passion that has driven our brand thus far will be the same engine that engages with you at our bar or tables.

—Benjamin Trisk, CEO