The Social Kitchen & Bar extends to food the same approach we take with books: namely, that anyone should be able to find something of interest, that all are treated equally and that there is the same care and attention to detail to the customer and the experience, whatever the budget.

Food is one of the great comforts of our lives, in much the same way as reading and the feel and touch of books. Our driving ambition is the simple and honest reflection of our European & Mediterranean menu. This vision is guided by the philosophy that all recipes must start with the freshest ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

We have tried to present an imaginative selection of our favourite dishes, to be enjoyed in a convivial, relaxed atmosphere. We welcome you to select any dishes to share, in any order you choose.

A note on our Josper oven: we grill and smoke a large amount of components that make up our dishes in our Namibian charcoal and wood-fired oven. Please allow our meats and joints to be Josperised sufficiently so we can rest them before they are served.